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Toogood's Books

Granville Toogood's bestselling books are invaluable resources for people who want to position themselves as leaders in today's economy. Read the information below to learn more about each book, and purchase them online.

The Articulate Executive

Even seasoned speakers fall into common traps; Do you? Learn to beat fear...heed the 18 minute wall...use body language, dress, and visual aids to top advantage...read prepared text like a pro...handle questioners, hecklers, and the press with aplomb.

"Wonderful things happen when people talk face to face," says Granville Toogood. " Deals and decisions are made. Obstacles are cast aside. Whatever the job, the job gets done face to face." Whatever your job, now and in the future, face it with a new level of confidence and power drawn from The Articulate Executive.


The New Articulate Executive

Even with the latest high-tech tools and communication options, the simple truth is this: You need to look, act, and sound like a leader to succeed in today's world. According to top executive coach Granville Toogood, “Wonderful things happen when people talk face-to- face." His proven secrets of professional speaking give you the power and confidence to command any audience--in any situation—and get results.


The Articulate Executive in Action

Granville N. Toogood introduced the principles of competence, clarity, and communication in his classic bestseller The Articulate Executive--and changed the way managers express themselves. Now he shows how to put these principles to work--at work--in the day-to-day interactions that get the job done. A hands-on action plan, The Articulate Executive in Action is full of examples of leading executives and the communication tactics that create their success.

"Toogood is without question the best person I know in the area of leadership coaching."
-- William Ruder, William Ruder Public Relations


The Inspired Executive

Three minutes in front of the right audience can be worth more than a year at your desk. That's the wake-up message in this new guide to leadership in business from Granville Toogood, America's master coach of executive communications.

The Inspired Executive shares the proven advice Toogood has dispensed to hundreds of CEO's. To anyone who wants to position him or herself as a business leader, this book is invaluable.


The Creative Executive

Both fast-paced and fun to read, "Toogood's latest installment of his "Executive" series, The Creative Executive, is alive with anecdotes and amazing true stories. Here, Toogood reveals the often surprising secrets of leadership, productivity, profitability, and lifetime fulfillment in the workplace—and beyond.

This remarkable book is a must read for every employee who wants to become a manager, and for every manager with their eyes on becoming a CEO. Most importantly, however, this book is for every person who has ever doubted their potential and ability to reach the stars.




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