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Case Studies
These true success stories and hundreds of others are the result of the very productive winning partnerships we enjoy with our clients.

  • The CEO of a midcap high-tech firm holds his first series of meetings with potential investors. They are stunned by his vision and clarity. In months, the company is awash with cash. One year later the company doubles in size and goes public. The IPO, like earlier fundraising efforts, is a smash success. The stock exceeds analysts’ best expectations at launch and continues to climb.

  • Similarly, the new CEO of a big public consumer products company appears before analysts for the first time. The analysts are so impressed with the CEO they upgrade the stock and in less than a year the value of the company grows by half.

  • Investment bankers from a large Wall Street firm wind up in the finals of a competition for the business of one of America’s largest insurance companies. The final pitch is brief but powerful. The firm wins the business, worth roughly $80 million, and later learns that the presentation was the factor.

  • A small but innovative firm is invited to speak at an industry convention. The chief technologist’s speech is such a hit that orders start pouring in the next day. The trade press picks up the buzz. The CEO goes on CNBC and the value of the company skyrockets in a matter of months.

  • A secretary charged with managing our program at a large consumer products company schedules herself into available consulting slots whenever there’s a cancellation, and in less than 3 years winds up Vice President of Human Resources.

  • A manager at a Fortune 50 manufacturing company has a rare opportunity to present to the board, in hopes of getting approval for a major expansion. The board is so impressed with his presentation and performance, he gets not only his wish-list, but a promotion to senior executive rank. Very shortly he becomes a division head and corporate Vice President. He now sits up on the board himself.


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